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Central Vacuum System Installation in Nanaimo

How a Central Vacuum System Works

A central vacuum system uses specially designed tubing installed in the walls throughout your home or business to remove dirt, dust and allergens from the living areas and deposit them at the central power unit, which is usually located in the garage, a utility room or the basement.

The system is activated when a lightweight hose is inserted into the central vacuum wall inlet valve. Many homeowners find it most effective to have at least one central vacuum inlet valve per floor, with most homes averaging three. The flexible lightweight hose and inlet system allow for easy movement from room to room without having to push a heavy upright vacuum or pull a canister vacuum behind, avoiding the nuisance of bumping into walls or causing damage to furniture.

BEAM central vacuum systems are much quieter than portable vacuums because the power unit is located outside the home rather than in the room you are cleaning.

How to Install a Central Vacuum System

A BEAM central vacuum system can be installed in a new or existing home in just hours with little cleanup required and no disturbance to your walls. No outside venting is required.

New Home Installation

If you are currently having a new home built, or are planning construction in the near future, ask your builder to include a BEAM central vacuum system in the plans. Select the best placement for the power unit /dirt collection canister, as well as the vacuum inlets (where the hose is inserted) and a place to store a hose and attachment kit on each level of the structure. Many people find that simply enlarging a closet or including an extra base cabinet provides sufficient storage space.

If your new home includes rooms with hard surfaced floors, it is a good idea to include a VacPan® automatic dustpan in the kitchen and near exterior doors, as well as in family or laundry rooms.

Your builder will install your BEAM central vacuum system after the plumbing and electrical work has been completed and before wallboard is installed. If your builder does not offer central vacuum installation or is not familiar with the BEAM central vacuum system, contact A & A Vacuum for help. We can get the job done quickly and at a competitive price.

Existing Home Installation

Regardless of its age, nearly any existing home can be retrofitted with an efficient BEAM central vacuum system. The key factor in a successful existing home installation is planning a pipe system that includes a minimum number of inlets and elbows (turns in a pipe) so that labour time and expenses are minimized without sacrificing cleaning power or flexibility.

A BEAM central vacuum system installation can easily be added to any home remodeling plan and is much more affordable than you might think. Contact us to learn more or to schedule an estimate at your home or business.

Do-It-Yourself Installation

If you are an experienced do-it-yourselfer, or are just handy with tools, you might want to install your new central vacuum system yourself. 

Builder’s Information

Today’s consumers are increasingly interested in using environmentally friendly products and practices in many parts of their lives, including home construction. BEAM central vacuum systems are Green Approved by the National Association of Homebuilders and have been clinically proven to provide some of the highest quality cleaning performance available. Dozens of programs across the U.S. and Canada now require the installation of central vacuum systems or award green “certification” points to builders who install them. Follow the links below to learn more about green products and their use in the home construction industry.

man installing a central vac system
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