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The Benefits of a Central Vacuum System

Because life can be messy, you need a clean you can trust. BEAM’s deep cleaning power and suction removes 100% of contacted dirt and debris from every surface, making it the perfect choice for everyday cleaning and memorable messy moments.



Lightweight Control

If you want to lift weights you go to the gym. When you’re cleaning house you need a vacuum with a lightweight hose and the flexibility and maneuverability to move easily from one task to the next and reach all areas of the room without dragging a heavy portable vacuum behind you.


The average portable vacuum weighs as much as 15 lbs, while a BEAM hose and handle weigh just 7 lbs. Which would you rather use to clean your stairs?


Quiet Cleaning

Because a BEAM central vacuum system’s motor is located outside the living area it is much quieter than a portable vacuum, allowing you to clean anytime you want without disturbing anyone’s activities or sleep. It also makes it much easier to hear a ringing telephone, a knock on the door, or a crying baby.


emptying a central vacuum canister

Allergens & Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution is one of the most common problems for people who suffer from allergies or asthma. Many allergists recommend the installation of central vacuum systems to remove pollutants from the home because research has shown that using a central vacuum system can improve indoor air quality and significantly reduce allergy symptoms.

Central Vacuum vs. Portable Vacuum

Some of the reasons a BEAM central vacuum system is superior to a portable vacuum:

  • Conventional portable vacuum cleaners can recirculate dusty, contaminated air, but a BEAM central vacuum system removes 100% of contacted dirt and dust, mites, pollen, pet dander and other materials from the home.

  • Portable vacuums are heavy and must be dragged along behind you as you move from task to task. They have electrical cords that can get in the way or cause you to trip and fall. A BEAM central vacuum system has only a lightweight hose that allows you to get all of those hard-to-reach places and even under furniture.

  • BEAM central vacuums have a larger motor and provide up to 50% more suction than portable vacuums.

  • A BEAM central vacuum system offers more convenience and requires less maintenance than a portable vacuum. BEAM central vacuums have a self-cleaning filter that never needs to be replaced, and its large capacity dirt bucket typically needs to be emptied only once or twice a year. Compare that to a portable vacuum, which requires you to regularly replace filters and empty bags.

A BEAM central vacuum system combines convenience and power to provide effective cleaning performance year after year. Please contact us to learn more or to schedule installation at your home or business.

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